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Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Poster Square FINAL


April 19
10:30 PM
August 30
11:30 PM


The Backlot Comedy House
424 N Main Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901
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Stand Up Comedy Open Mic

What is a Stand Up Comedy Open Mic, you say?

What are ya, some kinda wingnut? This is your opportunity to test out some comedy material on mic, on stage, in front of a room of your peers. Seasoned veterans of comedy and pudgy babyfat greenie newbs to the scene can all feel comfortable in Oshkosh’s premiere venue for all things comedy…The Backlot Comedy House!

Join us at the Backlot Comedy House and get your name on the coveted list. Once on the list, you can both max and/or relax until your name is likely mispronounced by the host of the evening, then it is your chance to drop five minutes of original comedy on the eager waiting ears of the other comics and fans of comedy in the room. Five minutes. YA HEAR ME?! At the four minute mark, you’ll get a light that is flashed at you, commonly known as “the light” (because it’s a light), but I don’t want you to start screaming and assume that the grim reaper has come to harvest your soul. I assure you that it’s just a flashlight to alert you to the fact that you have told four minutes worth of jokes and that you have one minute remaining. Then at five minutes the light will once again flash at you and you’ll know that your time has come to step back down into the audience and resume maxing and/or relaxing.

Don’t do comedy? Come watch! It’s FREE!

Stand Up Comedy Open Mic Poster Square FINAL


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