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Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Oshkosh

Are you a vegetarian wanting to expand your meal options in Oshkosh? Even if you’re not a vegetarian, finding options for a vegetarian-friendly diet at restaurants is something anyone can benefit from. “Oshkosh offers an amazing variety of establishments that offer strictly vegetarian dishes,” says…

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Hudak & the City: The Roxy Supper Club

Welcome to Hudak & the City! In a nutshell, I am a sub-par blogger with a true love for food and fun in Oshkosh. Follow along monthly for updates on some of my favorite things to do, eat and drink in the greatest city in Wisconsin!! First Stop: ROXY SUPPER CLUB A true "Cheers" vibe, (some of the…

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Winter Adventures in Oshkosh

If you grew up in WI or another northern state, there’s a good chance you grew up skiing, either at regional-area hills or on trips out West. I, however, was not one of those people. Growing up on Lake Winnebago, whether it was Summer or Winter, we spent our time on the lake. In Winter that meant…

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Are These Oshkosh Spots Haunted!?

Oshkosh was ceded to the United States government in 1836 by Chief Oskosh (not misspelled!) and it’s not a surprise that there is rich history in the city of Oshkosh. While history is known to repeat itself, is it safe to say that it also never dies?! Some of Oshkosh’s infamous locations are known…

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Get Outside this Winter

Over the past several years I’ve realized how much I had previously taken the change of seasons for granted. How fortunate we are, that in living here, we get to experience all four seasons so fully. Nature’s rhythm here allows us to appreciate the seasons that may become too expected or familiar to…

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Moving Guide to Oshkosh

My fiance and I are new residents to Oshkosh, but it wasn’t planned. Like many, our lives were affected by COVID-19. Both of us were furloughed for a short period of time, and eventually, my fiancé was permanently laid off from his full-time job. His layoff turned into a blessing in disguise…

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