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Go Frogging--Oshkosh Style

For this installment of “Oshkosh from the Water”, let’s travel outside of the comfort zone of most avid Oshkosh anglers, especially me. That’s right folks, time for some Bass talk! So, without further ado, here is probably the coolest way to catch a fish…Frogging. Until recently, if we wanted to…

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Two Museums You Can Visit in One Day

Oshkosh is home to numerous museums. Visitors can easily spend a day or a whole weekend visiting museums. Everyone has a different reason for visiting a museum, and no matter your interest, one of these museums in Oshkosh will have something you like. What’s even better; two of these museums are…

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Oshkosh From the Water: Let's Fish!

Let’s jump right in…What’s this “Oshkosh from the Water” blog all about and why is this guy the one writing it? “Oshkosh from the Water” is a blog showcasing fishing in and around this great city of ours. Things that I will focus on, but of course will not be limited to, will include; access points…

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