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Tania Harrison
Tania Harrison

Tania Harrison, Harrison + Co. Creative

Freelance creative consultant. 
Mom of four with a passion for compelling visuals, meaningful words, and an entrepreneurial edge.
Helping business and organizations strengthen their branding and marketing efforts in social media spaces - that translate to authentic connections with their audiences.

New Discoveries in Our Own Backyard

Our family could not exactly be described as adventure seekers, although we are typically open to trying new things. We had heard MToxins Labs mentioned several times recently, but in all honesty, it may have easily become one of those, “we should do that some time” things, had we not been…

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A Mother's Day to Remember

If there was ever a time Mothers deserved extra kudos, extra appreciation, this Mother’s Day is it! The worries we carry normally have been compounded exponentially. Some days we exhale in exhausted relief because somehow we’ve managed to hold it together, even if by just a thread. Other days…

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