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Top 5 Reasons to Visit the EAA Aviation Museum

Top Five Reasons to Visit the EAA Aviation Museum 1. Walk Through Aviation's History: The restoration, preservation, and operation of vintage aircraft have been part of EAA since the very beginning. Discover airplanes used in aviation's early days and a tribute to the Wright brothers. Get close to…

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Stay Cool in Oshkosh

Summer in Wisconsin can be beautiful. But, every once in a while, the mercury really soars. What’s a visitor to do? Here are some ways to cool off in Oshkosh. Pollock Community Water Park The most popular place to beat the heat in Oshkosh is the Pollock Community Water Park. In addition to an…

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Fun for $10 or Less

HOW MUCH FUN CAN YOU HAVE FOR $10 OR LESS? We guarantee it's more than you might think—Some are even FREE! 1. See the animals at the Menominee Park Zoo or ride the train at the Children's Amusement Center 2. Get creative at the Fire Escape 3. Shop at The Shops at Oshkosh or explore downtown…

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Tour Oshkosh

The more the merrier! Bring a group and explore everything special Oshkosh offers. MUSEUMS + ART Submerge yourself in the fascinating art and history of Oshkosh Oshkosh Public Museum A center for the preservation of our culture dedicated to bringing history and heritage to life. EAA Aviation…

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Kid and Family-Friendly Spots in Oshkosh

Pollock Community Water Park What: The Pollock Community Water Park was named after Oshkosh industrialist, William E. Pollock, one of the early leaders of OshKosh B'Gosh. The water park consists of slides, a lazy river, lap pool and kiddie pools. There are also concessions available, due to walk-in…

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