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What makes a great tourism destination?

It’s all about the experience! It is a natural and understandable tendency for business owners to want to talk about the things that make their products better, different and unique. After all, business owners are generally experts in their chosen field or product line. But no information about a…

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All-season Alternatives: How to Stop Depending on the Weather

During the high holy days of a Wisconsin summer, it’s hard to think about anything but beautiful weather. But, if you’re an innkeeper or someone in a business related to tourism, you’re always keenly aware of how weather can affect travel. Summer droughts, unexpected flooding, winters without snow…

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Are You Ready for Summer?

Wisconsin’s Event City is soon to be overrun with visitors. People will be coming to Oshkosh for the many summer festivals, races, tournaments, concerts and celebrations. These out-of-towners will need to sleep, eat, shop and entertain themselves. How will they decide where to spend their…

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Visita Oshkosh! Five Great Mexican Restaurants

Take your taste buds on a trip to Mexico this spring! Oshkosh is home to 5 restaurants offering Mexican cuisine. Cozumel Los Riveras Los Jaripeos Takiza Located at 2070 S. Koeller Street, Durango’s Mexican Restaurant is located just off I-41, making it a convenient place to grab a bite. Their…

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