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Oshkosh Summer Bucket List

Summer is winding down, but the good times in Oshkosh have not! We’ve rounded up a list of 10 things to do yet this summer! 1. Grab a Bite to Eat at One of Oshkoshs Waterfront Restaurants In Oshkosh, there is nothing better than dining by the water. Dock up to one of the many waterfront restaurants…

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Oshkosh From the Water: Summer Edition

Nothing says Oshkosh summer more than enjoying the waterfront, whether boating, listening to live music or fishing. I got to thinking…What if we added all of them together? Imagine being anchored in front of the Leach during Waterfest and fishing! So we decided to do it! Now that we had a plan, we…

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On the Water with On the Loos Cruises

Summer in Oshkosh is a boater’s paradise. With so many options for water recreation, you’ll find everything from speed boats and sailboats to fishing boats and cigarette boats cruising the open waters; however, there is one boat in particular that is truly unique to Oshkosh and available all summer…

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Fox River Bait and Tackle

“Location, location, location” isn’t just a mantra of the real estate world. Just take a walk-through Rainbow Park on any spring day and you will quickly see that “location, location, location” is also very relevant to Fox River Bait & Tackle (FRB&T). For as long as anyone can remember, a bait shop…

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Bago Ice

It’s Time…. With the bitterness of winter setting in, you’re either debating retiring to the south or you’re hitting “REFRESH” on your social media accounts to check the latest ice reports. Well, the ice is building, and local fishing clubs are posting like crazy and getting ready to put out “ice…

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Oshkosh From the Water: Let's Fish!

Let’s jump right in…What’s this “Oshkosh from the Water” blog all about and why is this guy the one writing it? “Oshkosh from the Water” is a blog showcasing fishing in and around this great city of ours. Things that I will focus on, but of course will not be limited to, will include; access points…

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