Wisconsin’s Event City is soon to be overrun with visitors. People will be coming to Oshkosh for the many summer festivals, races, tournaments, concerts and celebrations. These out-of-towners will need to sleep, eat, shop and entertain themselves.

How will they decide where to spend their hard-earned dollars? Many will start with the Oshkosh Visitor Guide and visitoshkosh.com. Travelers will also use Google searches and online review websites such as Yelp. And, a large number of these travelers – particularly younger travelers – will rely on social media.

Is your business ready for summer? Here are a few things you should ask yourself.

  • Is my business listing on VisitOshkosh.com accurate? Should I be updating it before summer?
  • Is my business’ website up to date (i.e., correct hours of business, current prices, photos reflecting summer)?
  • Am I regularly posting on my business’ Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Is my listing on Yelp and other online review sites correct?
  • Can visitors see my signage?
  • Do I know where to send tourists when they ask me questions about lodging, shopping, dining and area attractions?

In the summer, when there’s something happening every day of the week, it’s a great time to own a shop, restaurant or other tourism-related business in Oshkosh. Be ready and reap the rewards.