When it comes to coffee, Oshkosh really has it. Five different Oshkosh coffee shops and cafés have dedicated themselves to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. All that’s left for the coffee lover to do is choose where to kick back, relax and enjoy their piping hot cup of coffee.

Steaming CoffeLocated at 100 City Center, Planet Perk sits in the heart of downtown Oshkosh. The shop specializes in great coffee, serving direct- and fair-trade coffee and tea. But, you’ll also find great food, including fantastic soups and hearty sandwiches.

The nearby Caramel Crisp & Café, 200 City Center, is also a great place to get coffee. The café is best known for its coffee accompaniments, including cookies, pastries, ice cream, pies and cupcakes, as well as soups, sandwiches and salads. But, the coffee alone is worth the trip. The Caramel Crisp & Café serves Black Pearl Coffee, the only locally roasted beans in Oshkosh. It’s truly outstanding coffee. Black Pearl Coffee beans are also available in Oshkosh at Festival Foods.

At New Moon Café, 401 North Main Street, you’ll enjoy outstanding coffee and coffee drinks made with Victor Allen’s coffee beans. The laidback café is filled with comfortable furniture, making it a wonderful place to relax. Artwork covers the walls. And, if you’re hungry, you’ll find everything from breakfast burritos to quesadillas.

Pilora’s Café is located at 910 North Main Street and boasts excellent coffee as well as great food. Savor a fresh-baked quiche or delicious cornbread pancakes. Have an apple salad or Athens salad for lunch, or try one of Pilora’s sandwiches.

Lou’s Brew Café and Lounge is a great place to relax with a great cup of coffee – or glass of beer. Thick wood beams, brick and reclaimed materials adorn the café. You’ll find a full list of coffee drinks, a great selection of teas, sandwiches, soups, fresh baked goods and micro brews and wine.

For those who are hooked on the ultra-dark roast of the Seattle-based coffee giant, you’ll find a Starbuck’s at 1150A Koeller Street, 1900 S. Koeller Street (inside Target) and 240 W. Murdock Street. When it comes to coffee, Oshkosh really has it all!