Oshkosh has many diamonds in the rough, especially when it comes to the bars we would normally label as holes-in-the-wall. Sometimes the most unassuming bars have the best food and atmosphere around!


Pete’s Garage

Pete’s Garage may not have typical curb appeal, but don’t be fooled. On the inside the kitchen crew cooks up mouthwatering food. All menu items are creatively named after items found in a garage. For example, the quarter-pound burger (which only costs $2.50, by the way) is called The Gas Cap Burger. Pete’s Garage is also known for its made-from-scratch old fashioneds. You can’t go wrong at this garage party.

Pete's Garage Oshkosh


The Strip

Don’t let the name fool you! The Strip is not a strip club, it’s a bar in a strip mall. The bar brings in a lively crowd and has delicious menu items, including $1 burgers and $2 cheeseburgers on Tuesdays. The Strip also offers excellent specials during popular sports seasons like football. On top of that, if you’ve overindulged yourself, The Strip offers free shuttle rides home!

The Strip Oshkosh



Ever had a corndog with your bloody? How about a twice-baked potato? Roy’s is famous for its bloody marys that are always spiced just right! Roy’s offers the most outrageous toppings for its $8 Sunday bloody marys. This is one saucy special you have to try at least once!

Roy's Bar Oshkosh



Gorillas might sound intimidating, but the atmosphere is electric. Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, you can enjoy karaoke with Soundchaser. It also offers a unique open jam session with “The Knobs” band every Thursday from 8 p.m. to midnight where musicians can stop in to play with the band. And if you took too many shots, Gorillas teams up with “Call A Cab” to provide a free and safe ride home. Visit Gorillas and you will feel right at home.

Gorillas Bar Oshkosh


Bob’s Trail's End Bar

Bob’s Trails End gives you bang for your buck! It has incredible, to-die-for chili dogs with plentiful helpings of onions (upon request) atop the chili. The dogs taste good, and ordering more than one doesn’t break the bank! The natural casing hot dogs and friendly staff makes this the best neighborhood bar in town.

Bob's Trails End Oshkosh


Big Daddy’s Pub & Grub

Who ever heard of a seven-day happy hour special? Regulars at Big Daddy’s have! It offers popular Moon Light Madness specials from 10 p.m. to bar close every night of the week. Deals include $1.50 domestic bottles of beer, tub rail mixers and half-priced, homemade pizzas. Big Daddy’s also has coinhole leagues, which is basically a miniature game of cornhole using coins. It also has great lunch options, such as burgers, steaks, sandwiches, chili dogs, appetizers and more. If all of that doesn’t convince you, then maybe their recent renovation is enough to motivate a drop in!

Big Daddy's Bar Oshkosh


Tell us which bar in your neighborhood we should visit next!