Oshkosh Public MuseumFun and family-friendly, the Oshkosh Public Museum is a great place to spend a fall afternoon. The museum is located in the historic Sawyer family home and was turned into a public museum in 1924. Today, the spacious mansion houses an outstanding collection of exhibits and artifacts detailing the history of a community and its people.

The museum focuses on the history of Oshkosh and the Lake Winnebago Region. Explore 10,000 square feet of exhibits, covering women’s history, the Civil War, the Spanish American War and the First and Second World Wars. You’ll learn about the early pioneers and the later waves of European immigrants that came to the Oshkosh area for a better life.

Oshkosh’s close connection to the lakes and rivers of the region are highlighted in the Wetlands & Waterways exhibit. This intriguing exhibit reveals the interaction between the people and the natural world and the effect of this relationship on the ecology. Life-sized panoramas draw you in with their realism. For many, this exhibit is their favorite part of the museum.

The eight-foot Apostles Clock is the most popular attraction at the Oshkosh Public Museum. The clock was built in 1895. Every hour on the hour, the clock chimes and small figures representing the Apostles pass before Christ and bow their heads. The animated display is interesting and unique. Be sure to plan your visit to make sure you don’t miss it.

From November 3 through April 28, the Oshkosh Public Museum will be feature “Outstanding Objects: The Oshcar Awards,” an exhibit honoring artifacts from the museum’s extensive collection. More than 100 “star quality” artifacts will compete in 20 categories to see which is Oshcar worthy. Visitors will have a chance to cast their vote in each category. It’s a fun way to learn about the history of Oshkosh.

See museum hours and a number of interesting online exhibits.