Finding the right place to study and maximize productivity can be challenging. Reeve Union, the library located on campus, and classrooms are great, but sometimes you just need something different! Looking for a place to head off of campus? Check out the following places below! They are tried and true for me so hopefully you find a new place to check out next time you are working hard on assignments! 


The Grind: The Grind is located right on Algoma Street. The walk is a straight shot from Reeve and less than a mile. Rise N’ Grind offers a community workspace that allows you to get your work done efficiently. Planet Perk at the Grind is located in the Grind and you can grab a snack or that coffee you need to get to work! The high-tech interior design makes you feel like you are at the Apple headquarters. Grab a seat at the on-site cafe or, feel free to rent out a desk which you have 24-hour access to all the time!

Muzi Studying at Planet Perk in the Grind

Fifth Ward Brewing Company: If you have a group project coming up but you and your group members can’t seem to agree on a place to meet at, I suggest going to Fifth Ward Brewery if you all are 21 or older. Hear me out, studying at a Brewery may seem a bit unproductive, but this is not the case at Fifth Ward. You and your group members can work on your assignment on the beautiful outdoor patio. Crack open a cold one while you crack open your textbooks. If you don’t feel like drinking while studying, Fifth Ward also sells delicious root beers, snacks and pizzas!

Fifth ward muzi study spot

New Moon: New Moon Cafe is a local coffee shop that will liven up your study session in Downtown Oshkosh. The Cafe is packed with artwork from local artists. If you appreciate good coffee, you will appreciate New Moon’s freshly brewed coffee that goes with any of their handmade treats. New Moon is located on Main Street right next to the downtown sundial. On your study break you can take a stroll and look at some of the historical buildings in Oshkosh. 

New Moon

Caramel Crisp: We all get annoyed by obnoxious roommates that cause distractions while you are trying to get some homework done. Caramel Crisp is a perfect getaway spot to get work done. Caramel Crisp has a small blocked off area where you can sit in peace and finish an assignment. Caramel Crisp is home to some of the most delicious baked goods in Oshkosh. Have a warm homemade cookie while cramming for finals, a piece of pie, or a fresh made salad to make your study session even better!


Oshkosh Public Library: The Oshkosh Public Library is not your average library. The architecture on the outside of the library resembles a building that was built in the 1800s. Don’t let the look of the building fool you though, the Oshkosh Public Library has many modern amenities as well like free Wifi. The library also has a wide variety of books if you ever need to look up some information for your upcoming research paper. There are over 200,000 books for you to choose from! 




Find a place that sounds up your alley? Check it out and report back your favorite! Have another favorite spot off campus? Send us ideas, we are always on the lookout for everyone's favorites in Oshkosh! Happy studying!!