Put these ideas on your itinerary if you’re looking to unwind.

Whether you are feeling bogged down at work or need some time away from the kids, taking a little time to recharge is a necessity. Oshkosh is full of ways to take time for yourself and re-energize. Keep reading to find ideas to unwind in Oshkosh. tub filler bartelt spa


Relax at Bartelt Holistic Health
Here you can find a variety of holistic therapies from acupuncture, water therapy and an infrared sauna. Don’t forget to stop over at their juice shop, Carrot & Kale, for a little boost. Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay up to date on all their offerings.

bartelt spa


Stretch it out at a Yoga Studio
Yoga has a lot of health benefits like stretching out your muscles from a long day, manages stress, protects from future injuries and improves energy. Some yoga studios to check out in Oshkosh include Inner Sun Yoga located at 711 Oregon St., Embody Yoga & Pilates located at 579 N Main St., Simply Yoga located at 2325 Hwy 44 and at the Oshkosh YMCA with two locations at 324 Washington Ave and 3303 W 20th Ave.

Simply Yoga

Grab a coffee or tea and then read out on the patio
Our cafes in Oshkosh have some of the best patio seating to sit down and enjoy a book. Some coffee shops to get your caffeine fix include Planet Perk which has two locations - at the Beach Building and City Center, Caramel Crisp Cafe - also located at City Center, the Howard (pictured below) located at 405 Washington and Pilora’s Cafe - located at 910 N Main St. Caramel Crisp just added a book store section to their shop that is worth a visit! 

coffee at the howard

Take in some fresh air at Menominee Park
There is something meditative about watching the water in Lake Winnebago. Head over to Menominee Park, pull out a blanket or sit on one of the benches and enjoy the ambiance.

Lake Winnebago Evening Sky

We’d love to see how you relax, tag us (@VisitOshkosh) on Instagram!  Want to unwind for a couple of days?  Check out all of our overnight stay options to extend your stress-free experience!