It’s Spear Madness! Welcome to Sturgeon Spearing 2022! Not a spearer? We have your Sturgeon crawl planned for places to stop and check out the fun! Buckle up those bibs, it’s going to be a fun weekend!

We had the chance to meet Scott, Owner of Jerry’s Bar in Oshkosh, and learn more about the history behind Sturgeon Spearing in Oshkosh. Jerry’s became a part of the Sturgeon Spearing hub in the late 60’s/early 70’s back when the biggest sturgeons were around 100lbs. With the current record of 212lbs within the Winnebago System, these sturgeons are only getting bigger! Jerry’s is one of the many Sturgeon Spearing hangouts where fishermen get a chance to hang their fish, chat with other fisherman, and enjoy the Sturgeon Spearing atmosphere!

According to the Wisconsin DNR, "The Winnebago system is home to one of the largest lake sturgeon populations in North America and hosts a unique winter spear fishery" (WI DNR).

The 2022 Sturgeon Spearing season starts Saturday, February 12th, 2022 at 7am ending Sunday, Feb. 27 (unless the season is shortened by reaching one of the harvest quotas). With 14 days total to fish - each person is allowed one tag throughout the 14 days. In Oshkosh, the DNR registration table is at the Leach Amphitheater and is a drive through registration, which requires all harvested sturgeon to be placed on the tailgate.

Check out what’s happening at these Sturgeon Spear hangouts this weekend:

Wendt’s on the Lake

Stop by Wendt’s for their handmade vodka outdoor bar! Wendt’s will be serving up bloody mary’s and screwdrivers on Saturday from 12pm-3pm.

TJ’s Harbor

Don’t wanna spear without a beer? Stop by TJ’s Harbor on Saturday and enjoy a cold one inside or at their outdoor pavilion bar!


The hub for generations of Sturgeon Spearing is right here in Oshkosh! Enjoy the Sturgeon Spearing excitement and stop by Jerry’s on Ceape for a guaranteed good time! The place will be filled with plenty of fishing stories, refreshments and a ton of history! Check out the article written by the Chicago Tribune in 2004 below for their take on our traditions!

Payne's Point

Fisheree 2022 - Celebrating 43 Years with food, refreshments, entertainment and more held in a heated tent!

Vinland Still and Grill

Opening at noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- Enjoy live music and check out their fun Sturgeon Spearing swag!



If you didn’t have plans for this weekend, you do now! Tag us along in your adventures and keep an eye out for the fish that will be hanging throughout the city! Not many cities get to experience this tradition, so let's enjoy it Oshkosh!

Stay the night in Oshkosh—click here for overnight options!