Now introducing your starting lineup for the top reasons to go to a University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Men’s home basketball game. 

1. Top 5 Men’s Basketball team in the country

The UWO men’s team has been on a hot streak this season. In 2019, the Titans earned their first national title in school history. This year they plan to repeat that success as they enter the NCAA national rankings at number 4. The Titans high pace offense has been difficult for opponents to stop all season. Their impressive record of 15 wins and only 3 losses has put them in a very good position. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to witness history in the making as the Titans aim to secure another national championship title! 

2. Tickets cheaper than $10?! 

Who said that watching high quality basketball involves paying high ticket prices? At UWO home basketball games you get to experience some of the NCAA’s best collegiate athletes play for less than $10! Tickets start at $5 for kids (K-12), $7 for senior citizens, and $9 for adults. Do yourself a favor and stop paying outrageous prices to watch mediocre basketball. Save yourself the money (and trouble) and just go to a UWO men’s home basketball game. 

*UWO students can enter the game free of charge as long as they have their student ID present.

3. Bolt Band 

UWO men’s home games are about to get even better and you can thank the Bolt Band for that. In early January of 2022, the UWO pep band was introduced. This new pep band has been an amazing addition to UWO athletics. Bolt Band brings vibrant energy to Kolf Sports Center. So you’re telling me that I get to watch one of the best college teams in the nation while also listening to live music? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. 

4. UWO Players love Oshkosh 

We had the opportunity to chat with Tommy Borta, Assistant Coach and former basketball player at UW Oshkosh! Tommy shared with us that he enjoys the culture of the Oshkosh community and chose Oshkosh because of how much the coaching staff cared about him as a person. “Campus life was exciting! At UW Oshkosh, I felt like I could be a part of a family and I didn’t get that feeling anywhere else” Tommy says.

Tommy stated why he believes Oshkosh is the best college town in Wisconsin to play for. “Oshkosh is full of support and passionate people who love to be a part of the team's journey.”

5. UWO Head Coach loves Oshkosh 

We spoke with Head Coach Matt Lewis who shared why he wants YOU to attend the UWO Men's basketball games! "Throughout the last two years, our players have invested so much in this team. When they play, they demonstrate that passion on the court and on the bench. Our team is an exciting team to watch because of the energy, enthusiasm, and competitiveness that they play with every night."

Although Coach Lewis may not be from Oshkosh, or have gone to college here, he shares that the people make UWO and the city of Oshkosh so special as if he did grow up here.

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