Bike Across Bago 2020

  • Dates: February 1, 2020
  • Location: Lake Winnebago
  • Address: 1934 County Hwy A, Neenah , WI 54956
  • Time: 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Please join the FCCA for the Bike Across Bago on Saturday February 1st, 2020. The ride will start at 11:00AM, we ask everyone to be parked on the ice by 10:30AM. Due the inpredictability of the ice conditions, there is no registration fee, but we do recommend a $10 donation.

We try to make this event as safe as possible while riding 18miles on a sheet of ice.
1) Helmets are required.
2) The ride across the Lake Winnebago is dependent on a ice conditions and ability to plow a road; but fear not, there is an alternative ride planned if old man winter doesn't cooperate. Ice conditions can change dramatically in 24hrs; the final decision will be made between Thursday Jan 30th or as late as Friday afternoon Jan 31st.
3) Studded tire are not required but encouged.
4) Dress in layers and remove layers before you start to sweating.
5) Please ride on the right side of the plowed road. The Walk Across Bago is the same day and time.

Q1) Do I need a fat bike?
A1) Technically no. If this is your justification to buy one than yes. (In most years, there have been riders that complete the trek on hybrids and even on road bikes.)

Q2) Do I need a mountain bike?
Q2) See answer A1.

Q3) Why can't I get a clear answer on if the Ride Across Bago is going to happen a month before the ride?
A3) Lake Winnebago does not typically freeze solid until mid to late January. In 2019, there was a significant amount of open water just a week before the ride. A cold front moved in and froze the lake and allowed the PPHSFC to plow the road.

Q4) Why due most of the donations go to PPHSFC?
A4) Because this would not happen without the PPHSFC.

***And remember the Ice is never 100% safe****