Bikepacking Challenge: 1 Night, 1 Bag


Time for a classic Bago Bikes sub-24hr overnighter (S24O)! This time we'll have a special twist: everyone only gets 1 bag to carry all of their gear. It can be a single pannier, a massive handlebar bag, a dry sack strapped to the top of a rear rack... Whatever you can come up with! Bags are allowed to have external pockets, as long as they are a permanent part of the bag and not a separate bag attached to it. No additional peripheral bags, you only get 1 BAG. There will be a bar/restaurant at our destination, so this outta be an easy one.
We'll meet at the shop and ride up the Wiouwash Trail to Hortonville, where we'll then turn West and make our way to the Huck. We'll be back in time for a quick early-afternoon root beer at Bare Bones.
What to bring:
- A bike
- A bag
- A Shelter/sleeping gear
- $5 admission
- A positive attitude