Chili Cook Off 2023 with Winnebago Bicycle


11:00 – 1:00 Fatbike riding (More info to come)
2:00 – 3:00 Participant setup
3:00 – 4:30 Eating/drinking/voting
4:30 – Later Extended refreshments & more chili
1st Place: $200 Gift Card + bragging rights
2nd Place: $100 Gift Card
3rd Place: $50 Gift Card
Hottest: $50 Gift Card

How do I participate?
Please reach out to the shop via Facebook or email us at to sign up. Then, show up with your chili (already made) in a slow cooker and bring a serving spoon @ 2:00pm on Saturday January 28, 2023.

Is there an entry fee?
No, not officially. We are raising money for the Waukau Dam MTB Trail System, so we ask that attendees donate if they feel inclined to do so.

Can I just eat and vote?
Yes, yes you can.

Do I need a fatbike to join the ride?
Depends on where we ride. Weather and trail conditions will dictate. If we ride @ Waukau Dam or any other trail and there is snow on the ground, yes. Tire width must be 3.8″ or wider!

Will there be beer? If so, cost?
Yes. Fifth Ward Brewery will be providing some of their finest for sampling. Donations are HIGHLY encouraged, as all proceeds will be going to further construction efforts at the Waukau Dam MTB Trail System.

What does chili have to do with bikes?
It doesn’t matter! We just want to bring cyclists together during the cold time and try to generate some $$$$$ to donate to the trail project out at Waukau Dam.

Any other questions, please contact the shop! (920) 426-3020