December Artist Uncorked featuring Michelle O'Mahoney

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Our featured artist for the month of December is Michelle O’Mahoney.

Michelle’s Artist Statement:
”Landfills and roadsides everywhere are adorned with damaged and abandoned windows. But where most of us see garbage, I see beauty and value. I love the unpredictability of found old windows and enjoy transforming them into beautiful artwork, erasing the old peeling paint and barn dirt. I try wherever possible to use older windows with a familial history that have been discarded and might otherwise end up in landfill. Examining the old hardware and trying to imagine the people who handled the locks and turns year after year is what is so interesting to me. Lots of us appreciate the wavy glass we find in super old windows. Some don’t even know what they have in those old homes, but for those of us who have taken note of the unique appearance of wavy glass ~ the new stuff just won’t cut it.

I wanted the character. I wanted the look of history. I wanted something perfectly imperfect, and wavy glass is just that! The interesting and curious wavy glass you see here is a liquid application I create for the back of the original window glass. It goes on milky smooth and dries clear creating the wavy glass effect seen in very old windows.

I'm a self-taught artist incorporating elements from nature, such as flowers, vines or mountainous abstracts, so my audience thinks of the delicate beauty of nature while never forgetting that they are looking at something totally functional. I particularly enjoy the unexpected surprises I find at recycling centers, junkyards and the side of the road! And while most of my artwork is done on reclaimed and recycled windows I also enjoy periods of good old fashioned canvas painting.”

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