Jambalaya Arts Presents: Art In the Alley


ART IN THE ALLEY is an all day and rockin’ into the night event that will feature live music, painting and art of all kinds.
As the name suggests we will be hosting this festival in our back alley. This event was created to support all of the local businesses around us while simultaneously celebrating over 20 YEARS of being an art gallery on the downtown Oshkosh stretch!
We are glad to have made it through such a rough couple years with our friends, families and neighboring businesses and decided we are coming back BETTER then EVER. This will mark the second year in a row that we are able to do this festival and hope for many more years to follow!
You’re probably asking your self where do I go to get a ticket? How much is it? Are they going to run out? There's nothing better than, you guessed it
NO admission fee whatsoever!!!
We will appreciate any donations you can make to Jambalaya, bands or any artist of your choice
There will be a community art piece that EVERYONE will get to paint on. so make sure to make your MARK!
First Wave. TBA
9:30- 10:00.
10:15- 10:45.
11:00- 11:30.
11:45- 12:15.
12:30- 1:00.
Second Wave. TBA
1:15- 1:45.
2:00- 2:30.
2:45- 3:15.
3:30- 4:00.
4:15- 4:45.
Third Wave. TBA
5:00- 5:30.
5:45- 6:15.
6:30- 7:00.
7:15- 7:45.
8:00- 8:30.
8:45- 9:15.
I urge everyone to catch a little bit of each of these performances, these musicians all have very diverse and different personalities in there music, you'll definitely find something special and unique about all of these acts
From morning till dark we will also be featuring some of the most prolific artists from around the valley to showcase their specialties LIVE in front of your eyes. Don't miss the chance to see your favorite Jambalaya artist doing what they do best!
Some of the artists participating include:
- Jesse Lain- On the wheel throwing clay
- Amie Brownfield - hand building clay
- Ray Frehrenbach - caricature artist
- Dan Weber, Chris Antonelli & Rich Norenberg plus others- painting oil/ acrylic on canvas
We will also feature many other artists from around the valley. (TBA)
While in the area please visit some of the other business that will be open while the festival is going on. Here's a list of some of the business near us you should check out!
- New Moon Cafe
- Eroding winds record shop
- Ruby Owl tap house
- Satori Imports
- House of Hero’s
- Mojo's
- Art Space Collective
- Gardina’s
- Wagner Market
- Camera Casino
- Kitz & Pfiel
Don't forget that the incredible Oshkosh Farmers Market will be going on from 8am - 12:30 pm
Enjoy all of the artists that are being showcased and always cherish what we have while its still here.
These last couple years has been hard on all of us and we are so thankful for all of the artists that stayed with our gallery during the pandemic. More than ever, we need a strong community and this is the perfect chance to come together and support all the friendly faces that make our city the beautiful place it is.
on behalf of Jambalaya Arts Inc, we give a heart felt THANK YOU to all of those that put in hard work and dedication to make this happen. We also want to thank everyone for how much support we have gotten over the last 20 years. This community is the best and we don't know where we would be without every single one of you.
The strength we have together will always out weigh what one person can do. We want to personally thank everyone that has had a hand in putting together the ART IN THE ALLEY event. Thank you to the city for allowing us to host it and most importantly every single person that makes up this community. You are loved and cherished by all of us here at Jambalaya.
So with all of that.... LETS PAINT!!!!!