The Flyin' Hawaiian- Sara Kunz


If a Hawaiian vacation and a three-ring circus had a child, it would the Flyin Hawaiian Show. Sara Kunz hosts this experience perfect for all ages with the spunk and sweetness of a pineapple, grace of a dolphin, and jokes as great as any Dad! You have never seen a hula hoop show like this, complete with acrobatics, contortion skills, interactive clowning, and an epic 15’ coconut tree you have to see to believe.

Sara Kunz is the only touring solo female circus show using a Chinese pole and hula hoops. In true spirit of a one-woman show, she hand-sews and builds all her own costumes, props, and designs! She was born and raised in Kona, Hawaii and left only to attend University of Oregon for Fine Arts, then Beijing International Circus school to study Acrobatics. Today she tours all over the world!