The Sinatra Experience with Dave Halston


The Sinatra Experience with Dave Halston: Presented by Tribute Masters

From Las Vegas to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, "The Sinatra Experience," a brilliant tribute starring Dave Halston. Join us for an evening of music, fun, and a zesty lineup of Frank Sinatra's most popular songs. This show is remarkably authentic. Performing with the original music arrangements, Halston brings the Sinatra sound and swagger to the stage with a swanky Vegas vibe. After seeing Dave perform, Frank's widow, Barbara Sinatra, called his performance "WONDERFUL!" Like Sinatra, Dave's natural charm is captivating. Halston does what few performers can do, a tribute to "Frank" that entertains and satisfies, start to finish!

Performance: Saturday June 25, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.