Wanderings: An Exhibit of Photographs by Gretchen Herrman


This special exhibition is presented to soothe weary spirits during the trying times of the pandemic and to raise essential funds for the care and programs of the historic Paine estate.

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All 82 images in the exhibition are presented in an online gallery.

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Reservations are required to visit the exhibition at the Paine, and admission is 50% off regular rates, courtesy of Community First Credit Union.

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Gifts will support the essential care and educational programs of the Paine during this critical time.

During most evenings over the past several years, Gretchen has gone for long walks through local landscapes. Along the way she has taken thousands of snapshots with her phone capturing the tranquil and varied vistas, light, and features of her journeys. Gretchen mindfully takes notice of both the grand, sweeping views of twilight skies and fields, as well as nature's small intricacies and imperfections as a meditative practice of renewal and healing. For this exhibition presented in the Paine’s Main Gallery and an online gallery, Gretchen selected a range of photographs conveying the spectrum of her experiences as well as the peace and beauty she wishes to share with others.

The exhibition is presented as a gift to the community by Gretchen and the Paine to offer beauty and solace during the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic. In addition, the exhibition is presented in concert with a special initiative to raise essential funds for the ongoing care and educational programs of the historic Paine estate. As a thank you for their support, donors of $150 or more to the fundraising drive will receive an exhibition photobook, and donors of $300 or more will also receive a framed photo from the exhibition. Gifts of all amounts are welcome and appreciated.

You are invited to view the exhibition online and at the Paine. If you are able, you are encouraged to consider making a donation to the Paine to help the historic estate persevere during this challenging period.