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Support Local Businesses

Our local businesses need your help! Check out this list of businesses that are...


Color Oshkosh

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color. Have fun and get creative...


Oshkosh Scavenger Hunt

Let the adventure begin! Spend some time discovering Oshkosh's most popular...


Fishing Wisconsin's Largest Inland Lake

Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest inland lake and, arguably, its most...

mtoxins 2

Learn More about MToxins Venom Lab & Zoo

Our family could not exactly be described as adventure seekers, although we are...


ground round at river's edge

Riverfront Dining in Oshkosh

Watch the boats pass by and enjoy some of the fresh air out on the Fox River. Here are four amazing options for riverfront dining in Oshkosh.

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Ice Cream & Frozen Custard in Oshkosh

The great thing about Frozen Custard and Ice Cream is that they taste great all year round, not just in the summer! Satisfy that sweet tooth and check out these divine flavors...

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Luka Family

Pet-Friendly Places in Oshkosh

Plan a fun day with your pup! Oshkosh is full of pet-friendly trails and treats that you and your dog will surely enjoy. Treat them to a toy, some ice cream, or a walk on a trail. Whatever the activity, we guarantee these places will provide happy hearts and wagging tails.

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The Great Gnome Hunt

The Great Gnome Hunt

The Great Gnome Hunt Family Activity While we humans were away, apparently a band of gnomes settled into the Paine estate. We’re not sure if they’re visiting for a brief sojourn or an extended stay, but one thing is certain – these little bearded men with pointy red hats have been seen everywhere at the Paine. Returning staff have spotted more than 100 of these curious little men in every nook and...

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Top 5 Oshkosh Trails to Enjoy this Summer

Did you know Winnebago County is covered with beautiful trails? They are perfect for the warm months of biking, winter snowmobiling and even horseback riding. Find your path along five of our top-rated Oshkosh trails!

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Golfing at Oshkosh Country Club

It’s Time to Tee Off in Oshkosh

With warmer weather comes the always-anticipated golf season. Golf is perfect for those who want to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and be active. It is also one of America's favorite pastimes that can be enjoyed by a group or as an individual. Golfers will find five fantastic golf courses within a 15-minute drive of Oshkosh. Here are just some of the area’s top golf opportunities

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chalk walk

Vibrant Art Weekend in Downtown Oshkosh

There are so many reasons to love Downtown Oshkosh, but one of the greatest reasons is our awesome art scene! With the recent launch of the Mini Mural Project and the monthly gallery walks, our downtown has become a vibrant place to enjoy a stroll down Main Street and snap some Instagram-worthy photos. This weekend there are a ton of great opportunities to view incredible artwork from local...

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