“Wow! This is awesome!” is commonly overheard as customers enter and browse with amazement at the newest and coolest aquamarine experience – Sanctuary Aquatics. Sanctuary Aquatics is Wisconsin’s premier fish and aquarium store and they are now open at 2923 Jackson Street in Oshkosh, WI. Sanctuary Aquatics will celebrate their grand opening this weekend, Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd, 10am - 6pm. Upon entering the completely renovated, modern building, visitors are greeted with a tall, lush tree frog habitat. Take a few more steps inside and you will be amazed by the unique and colorful display of tropical, freshwater & saltwater fish, coral and planted tanks. Visitors are instantly transported to a wondrous, colorful and exotic aquatic world, a sanctuary of beautiful fish, aquatic plants, aquariums and more. 

Proprietors Dean and Steve created an aquamarine sanctuary to convey their sacredness for aquamarine life, while also creating a safe space that makes everyone feel welcome, respected and appreciated. Dean and Steve met when Steve installed a large aquarium at Kyria Childcare Center (Oshkosh), owned by Dean and his wife, Kathy. From their initial idea to build a high-quality aquatic store more than five years ago, Dean and Steve have worked hard, balancing what each operator brings into the partnership. Their families have also contributed to the creation of Sanctuary Aquatics, from interior painting, art curation to landscaping, all efforts synergized to create a truly unique and marvelous place. 

They aspired to create a beautiful experience that evokes deep appreciation, curiosity and wonder. Sanctuary Aquatics is committed to providing knowledgeable advice and insights that will improve every hobbyist’s experience, from those just getting started to those well steeped in the hobby. Their sustainability focus includes working toward reducing this hobby’s fingerprints on the natural world by selling captive-bred fish whenever possible and supporting suppliers that are working toward the goal of all hobby fish being captive-bred. Sanctuary Aquatics has built a massive coral farm offering aqua-cultured coral spanning, with hundreds of species and varieties, cared for by on-site marine biologists. Sanctuary Aquatics intends to find innovative ways and developments that give back to both the community and the natural world.

Five years in the making, Sanctuary Aquatics was developed to be unlike any other fish or pet store, with beautiful aquatic-inspired art displayed throughout the space and a sanctuary garden behind the store. It has already generated national excitement and is sure to be one of the country’s premier tropical fish, coral and planted tank stores. Inside the store, visitors will find large display tanks, including a 10,000 gallon reef tank, as well as Amazon basin, freshwater stingray, seahorses and South American cichlid tanks, and one of the largest collections of coral and tropical fish found anywhere.

“We reimagined what a fish store can be. We want every visit to the store to be special,” are the driving forces from Dean, Steve and their team. They also beautified the surrounding area by purchasing two neighboring properties to support their primary operation, remodeled old buildings and added landscaping and a pond, hoping to offer visitors a serene outdoor space to relax and enjoy. Future plans include offering educational tours and workshops.   

Sanctuary Aquatics is now open with a Grand Opening of October 1 & 2, 2022. To find out more about Sanctuary Aquatics visit their website at: www.sanctuary-aquatics.com, their Facebook page @SanctuaryAquatics, Instagram page @Sanctuary_Aquatics, or visit the store at 2923 Jackson Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


For additional media information or to schedule a media tour, please call Gary at 773-330-7278.