Art Galleries

Oshkosh has a sophisticated, yet playful art scene that delights visitors all year round. The Paine and Allen Priebe Galleries along with unique, downtown galleries and the monthly Oshkosh Gallery Walk will give any art fan a reason to smile.

Not many places in Oshkosh inspire awe quite like the Paine Art Center and Gardens. Built in the 1920-30s, the Paine opened to the public in 1948. This Tudor-Revival-style country estate derived much of its architecture, decor, artworks and landscaping from English country houses. The Paine has a long history of presenting world-class exhibits spanning classical and contemporary art. Along with many exquisite exhibitions, the historic property holds a collection of more than a thousand artworks including sculptures, furnishing, and decorative objects.

The Allen Priebe Gallery is located on the UW Oshkosh campus in the Arts and Communication building. It hosts six new exhibits each school year, which are open to both the university community and the general public.

Downtown Oshkosh has a handful of art galleries for your viewing pleasure. On the first Saturday of each month, the art galleries and other businesses in downtown Oshkosh host a free Gallery Walk. During the Gallery Walk, attendees can view various works of art and talk to local artists about their artwork.