If there was ever a time Mothers deserved extra kudos, extra appreciation, this Mother’s Day is it! The worries we carry normally have been compounded exponentially. Some days we exhale in exhausted relief because somehow we’ve managed to hold it together, even if by just a thread. Other days, despite our best efforts, our last ounce of patience evaporates and the stress of it all pulls us over the edge. Then still on other days, we garner the strength to respond vs. react, and we find the ability to keep the calm in ourselves and our homes.

Now, more than ever we are acutely aware of how important our families are and also how happiness can truly be found in the little things. Who would have known how precious a roll of toilet paper could be?!

Paine Art Center and Gardens

As we prepare to celebrate our mothers, wives, grandmothers, daughters, and all the special women in our lives, showing our love and gratitude is especially meaningful. It will be a Mother’s Day she won’t soon forget. 

If you’re a mom reading this, you’re quite possibly the one who makes the plans, organizes the family activities, gets the gifts, etc., therefore making your own Mother’s Day plans isn’t exactly ideal. School-made Mother’s Day projects often check the box of, “something special”.  Sadly, backpacks won’t be holding any cute surprises this year. Husbands and partners, take note, especially if a woman in your life forwarded this to you.

Here are a few simple “Go-To” tips and ideas to let mom know how much she’s appreciated.

Boating on Lake Winnebago


How often do moms say those words? Show her you were listening. Plan an outdoor excursion (emphasis on the outdoor, the degree of exclusion can vary). Visit Terrell’s Island, explore the Wiouwash Trail, bike or walk Menominee Park, or get Mom on the golf course. Pack a special picnic lunch for an extra touch. Be sure to keep a safe social distance in all recreational areas and follow parking requirements. Find some great trails here!


Homemade coupon books are not a new thing and the options are endless. A traditional version may include “chore coupons” that help with meals, cleaning, etc. Add a fun twist by creating coupons she can redeem for activities and outings to do together after the community starts to open up. Coupon ideas include a morning at the farmers market, see a show at the Grand, paint together at The Fire Escape, attend a yoga class together, etc.


Go...Cook (or order ;)

Make Mom a homemade meal. It could be a favorite family recipe or if she likes adventure, create her something new!  However, if your appreciation for her exceeds your culinary skills, planning a takeout meal from one of her favorite restaurants is a win-win. Many local restaurants have special take-out menus or Mother’s Day meal options. Don’t forget dessert or a sweet treat for the cherry on top!   


Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers or plants. Our talented local florists have you covered plus curbside pickup and delivery options!

Go...Write from the Heart

The simplest, yet possibly the most meaningful, is a heartfelt thank-you for all she does. Perhaps point out to her all the things she's doing well during this difficult time. Genuinely noticing the things she does that often go unnoticed will mean more than you know.

Kayaking Lake Winnebago

The key is to PLAN AHEAD!  Handwritten notes are nice, but if she sees you scribbling it Saturday night or Sunday morning, trust me, it could lose some of its luster. Also, most businesses have reduced or modified hours, use the Visit Oshkosh Take-Out & Delivery Facebook page to get the most up-to-date business and restaurant details. Waiting until the last minute to call or pop-in for a pickup may leave you (and her) disappointed.  

Hopefully, this offered some inspiration to make SUNDAY, MAY 10th extra special for the mother(s) in your life.

Be grateful. Be well!

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