If you’re in town or at the Farmers Market be sure to stop by one of Oshkosh's many murals! Collectively located, these murals make a great route for an afternoon stroll. Take advantage of DORA (Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area) and grab a drink while you view these large masterpieces! With the numerous artists and creativity pouring into these murals, there is a mural to peak anyone's interest. Now let's guide you through each mural location!


Greetings Tour Mural | 571 N Main St.

This is the first official postcard mural in Wisconsin! The traveling artist duo, Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs along with a team of local artists will be installed the mural on the south side of the Roxy located at 571 N Main Street. The husband-and-wife team have traveled all over the world installing their postcard style murals that create timeless landmarks through public art. They have completed over 60 murals in more than 25 states across America and Oshkosh will be the first city in Wisconsin to have a signature Greetings Tour mural.

Check out the Greetings Tour Blog about this mural for all of the insider details!

P.S. Discover Oshkosh has postcards just like this mural to send to your long distant friends and family! Visit us at 100 N Main St, Suite 112, Oshkosh WI 54901

Letter Guide:

O — Lake Winnebago / The Waters & Kayaker | S — Lake Winnebago / Fishing | H —  Lake Winnebago / Sailboat | K — Lumber Industry & Oshkosh B'Gosh *Hidden Lake Fly | O — Historic Breweries / Peoples Beer & Oshkosh Brewing Co. | S — Local Menominee artist collaboration (Cainen Shooter) | H — Public Library Lions (Harris) | Background - Fox River aerial view & EAA planes in sky


Grow with the Flow by Molly Z. | 219 State St

This color-popping mural is located on the side of Richard's School of Dance. Molly Z, the artist for this mural, is based in Chicago and has an eye for large-scale art. This mural is conveinently located right off of the parking lot, giving you all of the space to take great insta-pics!


Emma Daisy Mural | 440 N Main St

Emma Daisy Gertel was commissioned to paint this 128 foot long mural in Downtown Oshkosh to brighten the corridor and bring it to life with her signature colorful design! This work is a larger than life composition of playful flowers and plant life that continues the full length of the wall to bring energy to the space. You may see this mural pop up in many Farmers Market pics as it is placed in the heart of the market hustle!


Andrew Linskens’ Mural | 110 Algoma Blvd (alley)

This mural features a mystic scene that extends higher than any other mural. This 3-story high mural is a must see! While you're there view one of the mini murals, explained further below! Better yet, grab a table in the window of Manila Resto across the street and enjoy food with a view of this extensive mural!


Fairylane | 525 N Main St

Fairylane is a one of a kind experience installed by Art City Wraps. Take a stroll through the lane with string lights illuminating the path from above! When you reach the end of the lane, you have the chance to view a light nature scene mural and wings to take great pics in front of! Who needs the WhatLiftsYou Nashville wings when you can get Fairy Wings right here in Oshkosh!  The floral mural on the back of NAMI by local artist, Skye Seaborn. 


Leif Larson Mural | 401 N Main St

This mural is in a central location, located on the side of New Moon Cafe, and right across the street from Opera House Square and the Sundial! Oshkosh blue and the growing music-scene is featured within this mural and you won't want to skip this one!


Chief Oshkosh Mural | 103 High Avenue

View Oshkosh's history near Manila Resto on the side of 103 High Avenue. This original mural displays Oshkosh's rich history and can be seen from a far distance. The Chief Oshkosh mural is also located near Opera House Square, making this a great one to view with the many others in the area.


The Mini Mural Project | North and South Main

The Mini Mural Project features more than 20 miniature murals on buildings, each from a different artist in the area. The goal of these wide-spread mini murals is to create a dialogue, awareness and exposure to the artists. Thanks to the numerous building owners, these artists have an outlet and stage to present their work to the public. To view that MAP of these mini murals and for more information, visit this link!


Powered by History Project | Downtown District

In effort to beautify the electrical boxes, Powered by History is a special project created by Downtown Oshkosh. There are 11 electrical boxes throughout the downtown area covered in historical images from Oshkosh’s past featuring historic images of buildings nearby. Scan the QR code located on the side of each electrical box to read about the history of the image on that box OR click here for more information! View the map HERE


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