College life is a whirlwind of lectures, late-night study sessions, and newfound friendships, but there's a whole world waiting just beyond the campus gates. As I finish my final year at UW-Oshkosh I have done a lot of exploring of new places like coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and fun places to do activities! I discovered that the off-campus adventures add that extra dash of spice to your college experience. I have compiled some of my favorite places and this is your ultimate guide to discovering incredible off-campus destinations in Oshkosh!

Plant Perk (Plant Purrk club)

One of my favorite places to go for coffee is the Cat Lounge of the Planet Purrrk Club! It is also used as a study hall for all college students with a valid school ID.  No passes are necessary.  Simply make a purchase in the cafe and you can use the Study Hall from when the cafe opens to until it closes, seven days a week.  You can use the Study Hall hours to unwind, cuddle the kitties which is a great way to destress! The cats are also available for adoption if you need a new furry friend ;)

Planet Purrk

Fire Escape

Need something to do other than studying? Try going to the Fire Escape to paint your own unique pottery. The Studio is located on Oregon Street in Oshkosh. No reservations required simply stop in and create! Check out their website since they also offer special events, ladies nights, and more.

Team Building Activity at Fire Escape


A great restaurant to grab dinner with friends is Gardina's! It is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in downtown Oshkosh featuring a kitchen, wine bar and market in one location. The kitchen features award winning eclectic cuisine, fresh ingredients, innovative specials, beautiful presentation, and superb flavors. The wine bar has something for every taste with handpicked selections of wine, craft beer, spirits and signature cocktails. The Market at Gardina's is a great spot to find a new favorite wine, sought-after craft beer or a delicious bottle of whiskey with tons of budget-friendly options to fit every taste and occasion. My favorite item on the menu is the classic bruschetta and it's great to share with friends! 


Bar 430

Sick of campus bars? Check out Bar 430 located on main street for drinks and a bite to eat! They always keep things interesting by offering fresh seasonal dishes, off-the-cuff specials, and themed pairing dinners where they create all-new recipes to complement the featured drinks. My favorite aspect is their seasonal drink menu, there is always something yummy to try!! (the chai tea espresso is the best!!)

Bar 430

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