An angler could spend a lifetime fishing Lake Winnebago and still not know all its secrets. This enormous lake offers 138,000 acres of open water. It stretches for nearly 30 miles from north to south and eight miles from east to west. And the fishing? Lake Winnebago offers a fishery to match its size.

The bottom substrate of Lake Winnebago is mostly sand and gravel. Small reefs line the west shore of the lake, and shallow gravel bars can be found throughout the lake. Mud fills the center of the lake.

The fertile waters of Lake Winnebago support a broad array of fish species. What is perhaps Lake Winnebago’s most famous fish—the lake sturgeon—cruise these waters throughout the year. There is no open season for sturgeon on Lake Winnebago except a short spearing season in February.

The most popular quarry on Lake Winnebago is the walleye. The Lake Winnebago System, which includes several other large lakes as well as the Fox and Wolf rivers, has some of the best natural walleye spawning in the U.S. The millions of walleye fry reared in the wetlands of the Wolf River make their way downstream to become the schools of walleye that haunt Lake Winnebago.

Trolling and jigging and the two most popular open-water techniques for walleye on Lake Winnebago. Fish congregate around the many reefs and gravel bars you’ll find along the shore near Oshkosh. Fish range from pan-sized beauties to hefty lunkers.

Bass have been getting a lot of attention lately on Lake Winnebago. The lake offers great fishing for both smallmouth and largemouth. Yellow perch are another species of fish that lures anglers to Lake Winnebago. The best perch fishing can be found around the edges of weedbeds. And, white bass are plentiful on the lake, with large schools lurking throughout the lake during spring and summer.

Fishing on Lake Winnebago can be exciting. Boating and fishing on such a huge lake gives a special thrill. On windy days, boaters should use caution as the shallow waters of Lake Winnebago can quickly become rough. Keep an eye on the weather and respect the power of this beautiful lake, and you’ll stay safe.

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