Since I don’t think writing one blog post constitutes me as famous, let me introduce myself again. Welcome to Hudak & the City! In a nutshell, I am a sub-par blogger with a true love for food and fun in Oshkosh. Follow along monthly for updates on some of my favorite things to do, eat and drink in the greatest city in Wisconsin!!

Second Stop: Jeff’s on Rugby... You guys, JEFF’S ON RUGBY!!!  (p.s. First Stop was the Roxy Supper Club--click here to read more about that!) 

You’re in for a real treat here, I’m not sure where to even start!

Owners, let’s start with owners. Kelly and Austin bought Jeff’s on Rugby in 2018 and have turned it into the coziest little gem of a place! Originally named Joe's Sample House, it has been open since 1890!!! 131 years of awesome!  Stop into their dining room to see a picture of a picture of what it used to look like!!

jeffs on rugby


Other than having a kick a** restaurant, (can I swear in my own blog??), Kelly and Austin are also  giving back to the community in some pretty cool ways.

  • During the lockdown last March, they made and delivered free spaghetti dinners to anyone that called and requested one. No questions asked.
  • They do a "give back" program with gift cards. Every $50 gift card purchased from Jeff's they put aside $5 of it. Once a total of $50 has accumulated they go out and buy a $50 gift card from another local store or restaurant and give it away a lucky winner!

A number of their employees made a point to let me know how great they are to work for too. Kudos to you, Kelly and Austin!

jeff's on rugby


Apart from being great humans in general, they are cooking up some seriously good food here in Oshkosh as well...Hudak's Favorites. Here we go!


FISHERMAN'S FEAST. There is a disclaimer at the end of the description on the menu that says it is enough food for 2-3 appetites. As a party of 1, I am here to tell you that this is a judgement free zone if you get it for an appetite of 1. Just be prepared for leftovers! This is the most unreal selection of seafood all on one dish! Hudak loves options!! (Speaking in third person is also a thing in your own blog, right?) A huge circle platter is filled with French fries, the perfect crispy/crinkle kind, a large bowl of coleslaw and then just piled with almost every kind of seafood you could ever want. Stuffed shrimp, clam strips, crab cakes, etc. it is really a dream for a group that can't decide and want to try it all!! Fun fact- they also believe in the power of sauce and provide all the cocktail sauce and homemade tartar you need!

jeffs on rugby


BLT. I know what you are thinking, "As bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich- awesome recommendation, Devon...." But hear me out! They put a 1/2 pound of bacon on this bad boy! It is also served on toasted sun-dried tomato focaccia bread with their homemade basil pesto aioli. And because I am an extra type of person, I usually order all of my BLT's the "Hudak way". I add American cheese, (best sandwich cheese out there and I can't be persuaded to think any other way), and raw onion. I genuinely hope that some of you order it this way and tag me for proof and confirmation that it is the best way to eat BLT's!! This sandwich comes with your choice of a side and I like to go with their sour cream & chive potato wedges served with sour cream! Fun fact about Jeff's is that they have a featured "Side of the Month", and this month it is potato pancakes! This sandwich is a game changer and needs to be consumed by everyone in this city, ASAP!

BLT Jeffs on Rugby


JEFF'S CHEEP (not a typo!) CHICKEN. While they serve their signature chicken throughout the whole week, Sunday's at Jeff's is considered Cheep Chicken Sunday. This chicken is definitely worth the hype! As a connoisseur of fried chicken of all sorts- I can confirm that this is some of the best out there! The dinners are served with your choice of potato and a soup or salad. While they have a ton of options for potatoes, let me tell you about their potato salad. DELICIOUS. Like I could get a giant bowl of their potato salad for my birthday instead of a cake and be jazzed about it. I typically go with a side salad, to convince myself that it is fine that I just ate enough fried chicken to feed a family of 5, and get my go to blue cheese crumbles with French dressing. I hear their ranch is great too, but I am a creature of habit and am Team Blue Cheese for life. If you go on Sunday too, I hear there is a pretty great bartender- Jen- that will ensure you will have a great time!!

cheep chicken jeffs on rugby


Fan of Daily Specials like I am? Here are theirs!!

Tuesday- Homestyle Meals

Wednesday- Prime Rib and All You Can Eat Whitefish

Thursday- Austin's Choice (dishes change weekly!)

Friday- All You Can Eat Whitefish and Prime Rib 

Saturday- Austin's Choice and Prime Rib

Sunday- Cheep Chicken and the Rugby Roundup

devon and the city jeffs

Cheers to you Austin and Kelly, can't wait to come visit again soon!  As always, I hope to run into you at Jeff's so we can chat about your favorites and spread some #SupportLocalOshkosh love! Be sure to tag Discover Oshkosh on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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