Gaia and Agnese are foreign exchange students from Italy that go to Oshkosh West! While experiencing the American life, they have fallen in love with exciting places in Oshkosh! Before they leave, we had to take them back to some of their favorite places so you can see what means the most to our visitors! Come along with us on an Italian BEST DAY EVER IN OSH!

Stop #1: 'Grow with the Flow' Mural

As the Italians said, "Who doesn't love art!?" The girls found this mural when visiting our Discover Oshkosh office and knew they needed to document their time around it! We took the Osh Car with us to send a pic back home to their families to show the size of public art here in Oshkosh!

Exchange Students mural

Stop #2: Coffee Flight at Planet Perk

Espresso shots throughout the day are the norm in Italy but once we showed them the popular coffee flights, they were dying for more! They chose the latte flavor of the month with all different types of alternative milk. Their favorite was the oat milk latte because it reminds them of the milk they have at home. All of these milks were paired with the caramel mocha hazelnut latte!

Coffee Flight Planet Perk Exchange Students

Stop #3: Culver's

Our Midwest favorite has now become a favorite to these temporary Midwesterners. They HAD to get the cookie dough bits on top of the chocolate custard. A bonus to them is adding brownie pieces too! While treating ourselves to this Wisconsin born custard, I found out that Kwik Trip also has a special place in their heart. Italy take notes;)

Exchange Students Culvers

Stop #4: TJ Maxx

Gaia was so surprised when she found out about all of her favorite name brands that are on sale at TJ Maxx. Agnese has never been to TJ Maxx, so we showed her what it was all about!  The girls had to run out of there to make our lunch reservation, but they could have found a whole new American wardrobe discounted! As Gaia would say, "That's where you can get those pants that the pretty American girls wear!"

Exchange Students TJ Maxx

Stop #5: River Domes at Fox River Brewing Company

The River Domes at FRBC were an experience they've never had! The girls Facetimed their family back home to show them that they were having lunch in an 'igloo' surrounded by snow. When asking them what their favorite American food is, they both said burgers! So of course, they got burgers! We sat in the heated dome with our delicious lunch, beautiful snow falling, and talked about life in Italy — SO COOL!

Fox River Brewing Company River Dome Exchange Students

Stop #6: Glow in the Park Mini Golf

Mini golf was not new to them, but Glow in the Dark mini-golf was something that sparked their interest from the beginning. The girls were mesmerized by the glowing lights and magnificent murals on the walls. They talked about coming back to up their mini-golf game!

Glow in the Park Exchange Students

Stop #7: Mineshaft Game Room

All of the games, all of the lights, everything! They thought that this million dollar+ game room was the best thing to ever be in Oshkosh! The competitor in them chose all of the two player games so they could compete against each other—no giving an easy win around here! After they showed me all of their favorite arcade games they turned in their credit for some American candy. I think their taste may still be quenched from the sours! 

Mineshaft game room Exchange Students

Oshkosh is so lucky to host these wonderful ladies! We are proud to be home to their favorite places. These memories made in Oshkosh will last the flight to Italy and beyond a lifetime!


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