The only thing better than cracking open a cold one on a Friday is cracking open a cold one on National Beer Can Day. Oshkosh is home to some of the best breweries in the country. No one does beer like Oshkosh does beer. The Wagner Market located on Main Street in downtown Oshkosh is the hub of unique beers. They don’t call Wagner Market “Craft Beer Central” for no reason. You can choose from up to 717 different types of craft beer! Wagner Market ships these unique beers from all over the country however, the best tasting ones in my opinion are brewed right here in Oshkosh. 

National Beer Can Day in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Blue Bobber Blueberry Ale

Fox River Brewing Company has perfected the art of craft beers. One of Fox River’s most refreshing beers is for sure the Blue Bobber Blueberry Ale. The subtle blueberry aroma adds to the sweet flavor of the drink. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a sweet tooth! 

More fruity beer?!

If you thought we were done talking about fruit flavored beers, you were wrong. The Fifth Ward Brewing Company has got some of the ‘sweetest’ beverage selections. If you feel like going to the beach but can’t make it to the beach, try Fifth Ward’s Mai-Tai Frootenanny beer. The flavors of Mai-Tai are just as colorful as the can itself. This cocktail inspired drink includes hints of pineapple, mango, and key lime.

Another fruit beer? Yes, the fun does not stop here. Fifth Ward’s Milkshake IPA, “Another Fruit Beer”, is made with tangerine, blood oranges, and vanilla bean. 

Wait, there’s more! 

Peach, plum, and lemon are just a few of the ingredients used to create Fifth Ward’s sour lemonade pint, Lemon Drupe. Still not getting tired of sweet flavored beers? Perfect, because Fifth Ward Brewing Company has plenty, including Mud, a cappuccino cream ale. Mud is brewed with fresh coffee beans, white chocolate, and a nice kick of caffeine. 

I’m not kidding around when I tell you Fifth Ward Brewing Company has mastered the art of craft beers. Don’t believe me? Try their ‘No Foolin’ American-style porter. No fruits, no jokes, just straight American beer. 

Fear no Beer 

In Oshkosh, beer is more abundant than water. If you want a light beer with a smooth taste, the Oshkosh Lager will do the trick. This refreshing classic style beer is brewed locally in Oshkosh at Bare Bones Brewery. I get it, fruity beers may not be for everyone. If you’re someone who enjoys a good ole fashioned beer, Oshkosh Lager is the way to go. 

All of the beers you read about can be found at Wagner Market along with hundreds of other unique beers. This isn’t your average beer section at the grocery store. Each can at Wagner tells its own story. Don’t be afraid to mix and match beers so you can try a little bit of everything. Wagner Market allows you to select different types of beer to create one 6 pack. This way you won’t get to miss out on any of the great beers you just heard about! 

Stay tuned for more details on 2022 Oshkosh Craft Beer Week April 4 - 10!

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