Oshkosh is home to numerous museums. Visitors can easily spend a day or a whole weekend visiting museums. Everyone has a different reason for visiting a museum, and no matter your interest, one of these museums in Oshkosh will have something you like. What’s even better; two of these museums are next-door neighbors! The Oshkosh Public Museum and the Paine Art Center and Gardens are both conveniently located on Algoma Blvd. Read more about these great museums.

Oshkosh Public Museum

The Oshkosh Public Museum is located inside the historic Sawyer family home, which was converted into a public museum in 1924. Edgar Sawyer, a lumbar baron, built the mansion on his property after demolishing the previous home on location. They have hosted featured exhibitions like “The Nostalgia Awakens” and “Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection,” and also have permanent exhibits dedicated to the history of Oshkosh and the Lake Winnebago region. Fun fact: it’s also the second oldest public museum in Wisconsin!

Oshkosh Public Museum

Paine Art Center & Gardens

Take time to smell the roses, and all the other greenery around the Paine Art Center. The Paine originally was created as an estate for Nathan and Jessie Kimberly Paine, but was later converted into the Paine we know today for everyone to enjoy. You can tour twenty different gardens on the grounds of the Paine, as well as tour the inside of the mansion. The mansion features permanent installations of how the estate would be decorated to fit the taste of the Paines, as well as featured exhibitions & annual events such as “Nutcracker in the Castle.” 

Paine Art Center


Visit Two Museums on the Same Day

These neighboring museums are conveniently located across the street from one another - which makes for the perfect day trip! Plan to visit both the Paine Art Center and the Oshkosh Public Museum in the same day, and don't forget to grab a bite to eat at one of Oshkosh's many amazing restaurants and bars!

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