Meet Pat Tracey! Pat is an Oshkosh local with so many insider tips to share with you! Come along with Pat as he explores Oshkosh's hidden gems, along with places and events that make Oshkosh unique (while getting a good laugh)! Follow along with Pat as he discovers Oshkosh -- read more here!

Fire Escape - D.I.Y. Art Studio

Fun Alert! My grown-up children were here for a long weekend and we had an absolute blast creating painted pottery masterpieces at Fire Escape on Oregon Street! We all loved the laid-back art vibe and the ‘beginners welcome’ enthusiasm of the staff. And the best part: kids from one to ninety-two can drop in, year ‘round, rain or shine, no experience required, and make art. 

Fire Escape New Studio on Oregon St in Oshkosh

It works like this: Fire Escape has 1,000 objects that you can paint. Most people choose bisque pottery, but you can also do board art signs or canvas. You sit at little tables; it’s like art class in elementary school. You “find a color that makes your heart happy”--per staffer Christina. You paint, you talk, you laugh. Brittney and RJ made snowmen, Patrick and Ivon did ramen bowls, and Dawn and I collaborated on a bird-spoon-rest. (I’m always laying the spoon directly on the kitchen counter…argh!)  You leave your project to be fired in the kiln, and days later, you have a really cool item.

Why I Love Oshkosh Fire Escape Art Studio

Surprise! No one even looked at their cell phone for two hours. We were completely engrossed in painting and conversation. The Pat family can’t wait to come back and get more adventurous–I’m already thinking ‘movement glaze’, to take things up a notch. 

Mud Room On Main

Rebecca, the owner, has a big vision for bringing more art to Oshkosh. She also offers Mud Room on Main at 423 N. Main, as a wheel throwing studio, and gave me a quick lesson on that as well! I transformed a 1-pound clay ball into a bowl: wheel spinning, the water and sponge, mud flying, just like you’d imagine. The clay feels great in your hands and it’s hard to walk away!

Wheel Throwing at Mud Room on Main in Oshkosh WI

Mud Room has all kinds of classes, but the two that I really want to attend are: 1.) Couples Class, so Dawn and I can re-create the ‘Ghost’ scene from our youth. I’ll be playing the Patrick Swayze part. 2) Sensory Classes, for kids 4 and under. You don’t actually make a bowl, you just play with clay and the spinning wheel and get dirty. I’m in! Class info here!

Pat’s Tips

  • First-timers should plan for a two-hour visit. That includes time to peruse all the fantastic items to paint, receive painting tips from the staff, and enjoy a leisurely paint.
  • Free parking in the back; painting aprons are hanging on hooks by the door. All brushes and paints provided. BYOB-Bring Your Own Beret! 
  • Refreshments are available including beer and seltzers. ‘Paint & Sip’, Who knew? It’s another reason I love Wisconsin! 😎
  • If you’re hosting out-of-towners, remember that your project will need to be fired in the kiln for an entire day. The Fire Escape is all set up to ship your masterpiece home to you.
  • Pottery painting is awesome for Scout troops, company team-building events, birthday parties ... the Fire Escape website is full of great ideas for any group. Boom!

Fire Escape in Oshkosh WI

For More Information

Fire Escape | 927 Oregon Street, Oshkosh - Main Location *NEW*
Phone (920)-420-0700 | Tuesday-Friday 12-7PM: Saturday 10AM-7PM; Sunday 10AM-3PM; Closed on Mondays.

Mud Room on Main | 423 N Main St, Oshkosh -- Open During Workshop/Class Time Only