What Makes a Wisconsin Herd Game So Fun?

Meet Pat Tracey! Pat is an Oshkosh local with so many insider tips to share with you! Come along with Pat as he explores Oshkosh's hidden gems, along with places and events that make Oshkosh unique (while getting a good laugh)! Follow along with Pat as he discovers Oshkosh -- read more here!

Wisconsin Herd NBA G League Franchise of the Year

Friends, this is the real deal! Our Oshkosh Arena is the home of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA G league team: the Wisconsin Herd. The basketball is fantastic–these players are headed for the NBA, and up close, the intensity is highly entertaining. At the Herd home opener, I was six feet away when a big fella came crashing down off the boards and smacked into the hardwood floor so hard I was sure he broke himself! Nope, he got up and kept playing. It’s the NBA, baby!

What makes a Wisconsin Herd game special, though, is the family atmosphere. This is everything I love about Oshkosh, bundled up into one cozy 3,200 seat arena for 2+ hours of non-stop fun. It’s a party that just happens to be at an NBA game. You’re going to see families, babies🙂, company employee outings, serious basketball fans, and lots of people like me, just getting out of the house on a cold winter night for some fun action!

Meanwhile, the Herd Hype presented by TDS Telecom entertains the crowd anytime action on the court slows down. I saw Pointer, the Herd’s mascot, performing an unforgettable rendition of Ken from the Barbie Movie. It was solid gold. 

Wisconsin Herd Basketball Game

Pat Has a Top 10 Life Moment

I had one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life at the Wisconsin Herd home opener on November 16, and thanks to the Greene’s Pour House Shot of Destiny, 23 fellow Wisconsin-ites will soon know exactly what I’m talking about. You see, at 12 home games this season, one fan will play Shot of Destiny. The challenge: in 30 seconds make a layup, a free, a 3 pointer and a half court shot. The prize: $250 bar tab at Greene’s Pour House, plus your entire row wins a $20 tab! The Herd Hype squad chooses a random fan every night.

Since we were filming for our Discover Oshkosh series, I knew in advance about Shot of Destiny, and our film crew planned a segment where I’d deliver a line as I walked to center court. Then I would play Shot of Destiny. The whole scene would be over in one minute. To keep it fair, I did not touch a basketball or go to the gym. I did watch a Bucks game for inspiration, and visualized myself sinking a trey from the sideline. (All net!)

When the 4th quarter comes around, I am JACKED. The Herd Hype posts me up directly behind the basket, on the backline. Time begins to slow for me. Buzzer! Time-out! Action! I’m walking to center court saying my line: “Does it get any better than this?’ Actually, no.  I finish the lines and turn to face the basket. Wow, half court is really far!!! The 30 second Shot of Destiny begins. I run up to shoot my layup, but I’m so jittery that I get under the basket and it takes me 3 tries. Now I’m at the free throw line and time completely stops. There’s no sound. And then it happens — that moment of pure experience. It’s just me, the ball and the basket. I shoot. SWISH! The crowd goes wild. And then, the moment is over, I’m at the 3 point line, shooting an air ball as the buzzer goes off. I’m running off the court, high-fiving the fun squad like I just won the NBA Championship. 

Now, wait til you hear this!  At the Herd game on Sunday Nov. 19, Jay Daly made all four shots and won the Greene’s Pour House Shot of Destiny! Jay, I’ll be looking for you at Greene’s - I want to hear YOUR story :)

Pat Tracey at Wisconsin Herd Game

Pat’s Tips For Planning Your Trip (Including a Ticket Discount!)

Aren’t we all a little happier with some fun things to look forward to this winter?  But here’s the catch. There’s only 24 Herd home games per season! This means you’re going to want to get crack-a-lackin’ and get with your peeps to pick your Herd dates now, you can do that here.

Tickets start at $10, which means family friendly fun at an affordable price! Want a more elite experience? Those tickets are available at a more premium price - but can get you right up close to the action! I like to use the Discover Oshkosh discount Herd link because I can get my tickets ahead of time on my phone, which means one less thing I have to do on game day. 

Don’t Forget the Merch!

The Pro Shop at the Oshkosh Arena has everything you need to look like an amazing fan! The ‘curd-wear’ alone is worth the trip. I could not leave without an official NBA Herd basketball and a Herd Foam Finger!  There’s also a top-notch online store!


Attention ladies! Since this is the NBA we’re observing NBA policies, including screening through a metal detector. Here’s what the Arena website says about purses: “NO Oversized Bags or Purses except for medical purposes, lactation or small Diaper bags! (Small wrist-lets or wallets permitted).” Full deets here.

Where to Park

Parking at the Arena is $10. I recommend Arena parking for families, it’s nice to keep the kids close and off Main Street. Bring exact cash or card, map and info here.

Pre-Game Like a Pro!

Pre-game dinner & drinks are easy! Within a half-mile from the Arena are fun local bars, including Greene’s Pour House, Fifth Ward Brewing Company, and Evil Roy Slades.  There’s dozens more choices in Oshkosh!


Kid Friendly Wisconsin Herd Game in Oshkosh WI


Make it an Oshkosh weekend! Milwaukee and up-north friends, c’mon out and stay awhile. Oshkosh has plenty of hotels, all only 15 minutes from our Wisconsin Herd, here’s your choices!

One final note to first-time attendees, Wisconsin Herd Games are cash-less, so bring your credit card. + I recommend trying one of our local craft beers!