The Pyrotechnic Guild International (PGI) is very excited to be bringing our convention to Oshkosh Wisconsin at the SunnyView Expo Center.  The PGI convention is a uniquely American Event that celebrates fireworks of all types. We bring our special brand of entertainment to communities throughout the United States.

We will have two nights open to the public, Sunday August 13th Friday August 18th.

 These evening will be action packed with multiple Pyro Musicals, that you have never experienced before along with individual pyrotechnic devises, flame effects and a Drone and Fireworks display with over 800 drones. These effects are out of this world and cannot be seen anywhere else in the USA! The individual pyrotechnic devices will include, large caliber Ball shells, multi break Italian and Maltese style shells that weigh up to 100 lbs. These big boys have been handmade by our members and will really blow you away.

On Sunday night we will have four Pyro Musicals, starting with the National Anthem presented by PGI members. Next, the Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild will put on a show with over 2000 individual fireworks; this is a big show!  J&M Fireworks will treat us to a powerful Pyro Musical.  Galaxis Flame effects, -the kind you see in the movies- are choreographed to music and is something you will never see at a local fireworks show.   The topper will be the handmade exhibition shells that weigh up to 100lbs these are never to be missed made in the USA by our members, this is truly a treat. You never know what will get added to the evening line up, but I can assure you it’s always a treat.   It’s a big opener to a great week. 

On Friday night, we will have four Pyro Musicals, opening with the National Anthem produced by our Junior Pyrotechnic Association (JPA).  The JPA members are under the age of 18 (of course supervised) and these kids work really hard all week. They will also present a choreographed Pyro Musical to follow the Anthem.  Up next is the PGI All Stars, -the best of the best- featuring the highly talented builders in the club firing fantastic exhibition shells. Following this show there will be a drone and fireworks display with over 800 drones, something never seen before at a PGI convention. And then there is the ‘Cracker Burn” where over 1 million firecrackers are ignited at once in a spectacular fashion. Next comes the “Member Showcase”. This show is built 100% on site and has lots of large caliber shells in the display. It will be epic!  The evening will be capped off with a Pyro Musical by Casabella Fireworks with a theme everyone admires;

Made in America! This will be an event the entire family will enjoy!! What a way to end the week!

If you would like to participate in the entire event, you can become a member, please go to our website for an application, all new members are welcome.