Oshkosh was established in 1853 and has a rich history of famous businesses. Some you may know - like Oshkosh B’Gosh or Oshkosh Truck. However, there are smaller businesses located in Downtown Oshkosh that have been around for almost just as long and are still a must-stop spot in the downtown area. Check out these five successful businesses that have been in Downtown Oshkosh for 50+ years!

Caramel Crisp

200 City Center Suite D

Caramel Crisp is home to the best homemade cookies, pies, gourmet popcorn and other sweet treats. What started as a tiny popcorn shop in 1933, has now turned into so much more! Along with all the sweet treats you could ever need, Caramel Crisp has expanded into a toy store, bookstore, ice cream shop and gift shop for the community to enjoy. 

Caramel Crisp Popcorn

Britton’s Walk-Over Footwear

435 N Main Street

Britton’s has been established in Downtown Oshkosh since 1927. Britton’s provides a variety of comfortable, fashionable, name brand shoes for both men and women. What makes Britton’s such a beloved spot in the downtown area is not only the quality of the shoes they offer, but the high-quality customer service they are able to provide for each guest that comes through the door. Providing that special touch has helped the business remain successful for over 50+ years.  

Britton's Walkover in Downtown Oshkosh

Reimer Jewelers

11 Waugoo Ave

Reimer Jewelers has been servicing their loyal customers since 1952. Generations of customers have relied on Reimer Jewelers for providing excellent personal customer service, along with extraordinary and beautiful jewelry. Paul and Lauri Wagner do a fantastic job at combining their knowledge and expertise to keep the business prosperous. 

Paul and Lauri expanded their services and opened The Artful Gift, Reimer Jewelers sister store, back in 2020. Here you can explore the art in everyday life and find gifts for life's most precious moments. The Wagner’s aim to support the local and surrounding communities through charitable donations and personal involvement in volunteer programs.

Reimer Jewelers and the Artful Gift in Downtown Oshkosh

Satori Imports

411 N Main Street

Satori Imports has been locally owned and operated since 1969. Tapestries, incense, buddhas, hemp cord and much more line the store and offer a 60’s lore. Stop by and you may also recognize the iconic T-shirts that have been given away for free for almost 50 years. Satori Imports is dedicated to providing an everyday shopping experience that is unmistakable, enlightening and beyond description, keeping generations of clientele coming back for more.  

Satori Imports Downtown Oshkosh

Camera Casino

439 N Main Street

Camera Casino has been providing the community with quality service, prices, equipment and more since 1973. The business offers rentals, classes, passport photos, image recovery, image scanning, video transfers and all the materials you didn’t even know you needed. The business remains popular in the downtown area due to a surplus of accessories and attachments (tripods, lenses, lighting, baggage), a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful cameras on display. A must-see store in Downtown Oshkosh. 

Camera Casino in Downtown Oshkosh

There are so many awesome businesses to explore in Downtown Oshkosh! For a full list of downtown businesses, visit here!

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