Safety is a priority in the aviation community and that includes in the EAA Aviation Museum. With safe social distancing and mask practices you can guarantee a fun day without the worry of germs. High contact points have even been closed off in museum-such as KidVenture-to limit exposure. Plus the gift shop is selling cute aviation related masks to help you and others stay safe while promoting your love for aviation.  Click here to view museum policies and procedures. 

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The museum is an informational and inspirational place for students to get back in the learning mindset before the school year begins. Whether it is engines, stories told through artwork, or the WWII warbirds, the museum contains something new for everyone. Plus, with traveling being more difficult than normal, it is the perfect time to learn more about everyone’s favorite machines that get you place to place!

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The museum also recently opened their brand new Huey: The Workhorse of Vietnam exhibit located inside the Eagle Hangar. The Huey was a fundamental part of the war and this aircraft, the UH-1B Huey serial number 63-8733 flew three tours in Vietnam, and was part of the 121st Assault Helicopter Company. While the formal dedication isn’t till November, it is a great time to stop in and see the new area.


Another new exhibit includes the WASP area also located in the Eagle Hangar, these Women Airforce Service Pilots flew different missions through World War II that involved for example flying different aircraft from the manufacturing plants to airfields in the U.S. and overseas. The exhibit includes history of the WASPs and artifacts from their history. This inspiring exhibit particular targets women in the aviation field or who are interested in getting started.

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Pioneer Airport is last but not least on the list of reasons to visit the museum. Located across the grass landing strip, this row of hangars hold more aircraft. While aircraft rides are suspended for the 2020 season, more than 50 planes are displayed that will bring you back to the golden age of aviation in a classic vintage environment.

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