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Arise Balanced Wellness is dedicated to the all-encompassing well-being of everyone and offers many services to start your healing journey. Dr. Stephanie Matulle and Rita Darabosh own Arise and are committed to guiding all towards obtaining optimal mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health.

Arise provides a wide range of services to meet all your needs, including yoga classes, an Ayurvedic clinic, reiki, acupressure, health and wellness products, educational workshops, massage therapy, and facials & waxing. Arise now offers Thai massage, nutrition coaching and personal training. They even have a beautiful rental space for your next event, click here for more information for rental information!

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I was particularly impressed by one standout aspect—the selection of health and wellness products for purchase both in-store and online. Dr. Stephanie Matulle formulates and produces all the herbal formulas in their in-house herbal pharmacy, utilizing only high-quality, organic ingredients sourced from socially responsible companies committed to plant sustainability. We had the pleasure of trying some of their tea and elderberry honey, and it was truly delightful!

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Arise created an inviting yoga studio for all abilities to practice. They have built a collective of highly skilled & experienced teachers who are committed to assist with your inner & outer growth. Arise values the yoga tradition which includes all eight limbs of raja yoga, as well as equality, safety, sustainability and inclusion. They offer class package pricing, student & senior discounts, and even a monthly membership. Click here to book your group or personal yoga session now!



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