Each resident of Oshkosh has something they treasure about where they live. Perhaps it is a special person. Perhaps it is a special place or a memorable event. We all see the city in a different way and this should be celebrated.

The Poet Laureate of Oshkosh, Tom Cannon would like everyone to create their ode to Oshkosh. Let’s celebrate where we live through words. Every type of poem is welcomed, including messages that are simple and direct. The simple act of describing one thing to represent Oshkosh is poetry itself.

Why write a poem about Oshkosh?

Let’s remind ourselves of the good things in our lives. This is an opportunity for gratitude. It is a chance to share common ground between people. Hopefully it will also allow to share our past and our present with the future.

What should you share?

  • Your favorite place in Oshkosh
  • Citizens of Oshkosh that should be remembered
  • Your favorite memory that took place in Oshkosh
  • Share some history of a place in Oshkosh
  • A community in Oshkosh that people should know about

Where will my piece be shared?

The Poet Laureate of Oshkosh website, a free downloadable pdf, social media with the hashtag #OshkoshPoems.
People can share their piece on their own social media sites. Please use #OshkoshPoems. Businesses that are featured in a poem will be invited to post the poem at their business.
Please visit https://thomascannonauthor.com/oshkosh-poet-laureate/call-for-poems-about-oshkosh/ for more information.
Please submit your piece to:
Email: oshkoshpoetlaureate@oshkoshpubliclibrary.org
Deadline: April 30

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