Old Fashioned - Oshkosh Edition

A typical Friday night in Oshkosh, Wisconsin consists of a delicious fish fry and an Old Fashioned. This classic cocktail can be found at many supper clubs, restaurants and bars around town. Today, we’re here to share a couple places in Oshkosh that offer a delicious Old Fashioned in honor of National Cocktail Day.

6 Spots to Enjoy a Delicious Wisconsin Old Fashioned:

Cocktails at the Roxy in Oshkosh

Brandy or Whiskey Old Fashioned?

Did you know that Wisconsinites consume more than half of the world’s brandy? Whether you’re a brandy or whiskey drinker, this staple cocktail is a Wisconsin favorite.

Sweet or Sour?

An Old Fashioned can be muddled and garnished with many different things depending on your personal taste. If you prefer your Old Fashioned topped with sour - it’s usually topped with grapefruit soda. If sweet is more your style, a lemon-lime soda would be used. If you prefer half soda, half seltzer water, order your cocktail as a press!

Old Fashioned Garnishes

A true Wisconsinite Old Fashioned is garnished with cherries and an orange wedge. But depending on what your drink is concocted of, you may want to do olives, picked mushrooms, or other pickled veggies like brussels sprouts or asparagus.

Cocktails at the Roxy in Oshkosh

Our staff's favorite way to order an Old Fashioned:

  • Amy: Whiskey Old Fashioned Press with Olives
  • Caitlin: Whiskey Old Fashioned Press with Extra Cherries
  • Cheryl: Muddled Whiskey Old Fashioned with Fruit
  • Devon: Brandy Press with Mushrooms
  • Jessie: Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet with Cherries
  • Jodi: SoCo Old Fashioned Sweet with Olives and Cherries
  • Muzi: Whiskey Old Fashioned Sweet with Fruit

Where’s your favorite spot for an Old Fashioned in Oshkosh? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to tag Discover Oshkosh on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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