If you're looking for a luxury cruise tour around Oshkosh’s lakes and rivers, Summer Fun Cruises is a great option.

 summer fun cruise

 You can choose from six different options for groups of up to six people, such as The Fox River tour, Butte Des Morts tour, Winneconnie trip, Fremont trip, Winnebago loop, or enjoy a Winnebago dinner by boat and visit one of Oshkosh’s lakefront restaurants. Each cruise option varies in duration, starting from one hour and extending to over three hours. The boarding location depends on the chosen cruise, departing from either Pioneer Marina Tiki Bar (1100 Pioneer Dr, Oshkosh, WI) or Rainbow Park (1650 Rainbow Drive Oshkosh, WI).



Aboard the Chaparral 317 SSX boat, there are ample seating options, a table, coolers for beverages, and a small bathroom. Complimentary soft drinks, water, and a snack tray are included. Guests are welcome to bring any additional items they may need, and there are two coolers available for use.

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