camelThere are a lot of parks in Oshkosh. In fact, visitors will find more than 330 acres of parks in the city. But out of all the many excellent parks, one stands alone.

Set on the shores of Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh’s Menominee Park is a true gem. During the summer, the park teems with activity as visitors of all ages enjoy Menominee Park’s many facets.

One of the highlights of Menominee Park is the zoo. This eight-acre zoo is home to both native Wisconsin animals as well as exotic species and domestic animals. In all, visitors can see more than three dozen animals. The gray wolf enclosure is one of the most popular exhibits in the zoo. The zoo opens the first weekend in May and remains open through the last weekend in September.

The Children’s Amusement Area at Menominee Park attracts families during the summer months. This amusement park within a city park is quite unique. Take a ride on the red and black passenger train. Spin yourself dizzy on the whip ride. Take a trip on the merry-go-round. Rent an aqua bike or paddle boat and cruise around the pond. Or, rent a four-person pontoon.

In addition to the mini amusement park, Menominee Park offers a huge playground, tennis courts, paved trails, baseball fields, soccer fields and picnic areas. There’s even a swimming beach!

For those seeking to boat or fish on Lake Winnebago, Menominee Park is a great place to start. Menominee Park sits on Miller’s Bay and offers excellent boat launches. There’s also a casting dock.

But probably the best thing about Menominee Park is the view. Looking out over Lake Winnebago, the park is the perfect place to take in a sunrise or spend a lazy afternoon gazing at the water.

Next time you’re in Oshkosh, be sure to visit beautiful Menominee Park.

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