Do you hear that too? Is that a trumpet, is that a saxophone, wait are those drums I’m hearing? It’s all of the above! Today is National Marching Band Day. Today we take time to celebrate and appreciate the cheerful and upbeat bands that give us life at home basketball and football games. Could you imagine going to a football game without hearing trumpets blaring or sticks bouncing off of the surface of a drum? Me neither. This fall the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh athletic department is introducing UWO’s Titan Thunder Band!

 The university is anticipating the band to be filled with 100 musicians. The UWO Titan Thunder Band will be led by Joseph Scheivert, the Director of Athletic Bands. This new group of performers will serve as a great addition to football games. The Titan Thunder Band also looks to add color guard members and baton twirlers. Music is one of the many ways that people from all types of backgrounds are able to come together. The Titan Thunder Band will help bring a sense of community, joy, and belonging to J.J. Keller Stadium. Football games will never be the same once these talented performers step on the field. 

If you can’t wait for the fall to hear the band, no worries. The UWO Bolt Band is here to solve your problem. On March 4th, the UWO men’s basketball team takes on Blackburn College (Illinois) in the opening round of the Men’s NCAA tournament. Lucky for you, this game will be held at Kolf Sports Center. This is the perfect opportunity to see the Bolt Band live in action. The Bolt Band made its debut earlier this year and continues to electrify Kolf Sports Center. 

Let’s take this day to show appreciation for the wonderful talent that ignites our sporting events. 

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