[caption id="attachment_81637" align="alignright" width="400"]Spring Birds in Oshkosh Photo taken by Ray Pan[/caption]

This a beautiful time of year to go birding in Oshkosh. As the temperatures warm and the days grow longer, surprises spring from the prairies and marshes around Oshkosh.

This is a season when sparrows, blue jays and herons return for the season.

And of course, there’s the robin, the bird that’s the classic sign that spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin. Bird lovers can enjoy spotting these beautiful creatures in Oshkosh, which has been recognized by Bird City Wisconsin. Because of its location on the shore of Lake Winnebago and important migratory routes, Oshkosh is a fantastic birding destination. Good places to go birding in Oshkosh include the Oshkosh Riverwalk, the Wiowash Trail and the Winnebago County Park.

Oshkosh also has some great birding events coming up.

On Saturday, April 18, take part in the annual Midwest Crane Count. On April 25, join a bird walk in Menominee Park in Oshkosh. Also, make plans to attend Oshkosh Birdfest on May 2.

The Oshkosh Bird Club has more information about these great events.

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