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Golf is the Antidote

Yes friends, you heard me correctly, Golf Digest ranks Wisconsin #1 in a recent survey of Best States for Public Golf! The list is sprinkled with fabled courses whose very names frighten the average golfer: Whistling Straits, Blackwolf Run, Mammoth Dunes. You won’t catch me near any of those courses, I keep my golf game close to home, preferably where people can’t see me. And that’s why golf on Oshkosh’s five public courses is so much fun–there’s no big crowds, many days you’ll feel like you have the course to yourself, and everyone is just so darn friendly!

Here’s what I love about golf in Oshkosh! Courses are listed alphabetically, with random Pat thoughts to encourage you to get out and Discover Oshkosh’s five fun golf courses 😎 

Far-Vu Golf Course

Far-Vu is an awesome beginner-friendly course 10 minutes south of Oshkosh. Your spidey-sense will tingle when you pull off County Road R and see the majestic Wisconsin forest that you’ll be traipsing through! This course appeals to me because it’s got big wide straight fairways–I have a decent chance of getting on the dance floor! You can walk this course for $25/$26 weekdays/weekends, C’mon! 

Lake Breeze Golf Club

I’ve only played at Lake Breeze for community events where the cart conversations are as fun as the golf so all I remember is the greens were really big and fast and I did lose a few balls on the back nine. This is a course I’d like to play on a Tuesday with some regulars!

Oshkosh Country Club

The Oshkosh Country Club is definitely the swankiest course in town, and it’s open to the public!  I’m a little intimidated here, everything about it feels ‘Country Club’, but the staff is Oshkosh-friendly and all the golfers exhibit their best fancy-course golf etiquette (even when I’m searching for my ball on the next fairway).  Check out OCC’s scorecard; yikes! that 500+ yard Hole 4 will test your mettle! If you’re a real golfer, you’ll want to play here.  For everyone else, you can size up the course from the Bar at TJ's Highland Steakhouse. Top notch food, drinks and views!

Utica Golf Club 

Utica Golf Club is a little rustic and that’s what I dig about it! Twenty minutes southwest of Oshkosh, but it feels like you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Utica gets the award for ‘Most Doglegs on a Golf Course’ which is super-fun! There’s lots of water and trees to play through; I can safely lose balls here and not feel like I’m going to hit anyone.

Westhaven Golf Club

Talk about convenient, Westhaven Golf Club has a prime westside location, which means you’re 10 minutes from golf pretty much anywhere in Oshkosh! First, the new Greene’s Pour House is awesome and is the perfect place to swing into for some tasty vittles. The course itself has plenty of water, sand, bunkers and -bonus!- homes along the fairways to keep things exciting. FORE, indeed! 

Why I Love Oshkosh: Golf is on the Upswing

Pat’s Tips

  1. If this is your 1st time golfing, spend a little time on the driving range with a friend or coach. Golf is way more fun when can hit the ball 🙂

  2. Some courses have a dress code–heads up men, a collared shirt is always in style, and sometimes required.

  3. Get up early and tee off at 8am on a weekday; nothing beats the crisp morning air, the peace and quiet,  the ‘thwack’ of a well-hit ball!

  4. Pro tip at the tee box: Tee her high and let her fly; tee her low and she won’t go!


Why I Love Oshkosh: Golf is on the Upswing

For More Information

Far Vu Golf Course | 4985 County Road R Oshkosh, WI 54902
Lake Breeze Golf Club | 6333 Ball Prairie Rd, Winneconne, WI 54986
Oshkosh Country Club | 11 W. Ripple Ave. Oshkosh, WI 54902
Utica Golf Club | 2330 Knott Rd, Oshkosh, WI 54904
Westhaven Golf Club  | 400 S Westhaven Drive Oshkosh, WI 54894