Kayaking Lake Winnebago

Menominee Park

Menominee Park is one of Oshkosh’s largest parks and hosts a variety of events every year. The entire eastern side of the park is bordered by beautiful Lake Winnebago and is a prime spot to watch the sunrise.

There are excellent fishing and boating opportunities throughout the park along with numerous boat launches and ample parking in Miller’s Bay. You will find paved walking and biking trails throughout the park, a free zoo and beach, amusement rides, kayak and SUP rentals, and many other amenities.

Menominee Park amenities include:

Amusement rides (3), asphalt trails, boat tie-ups (8 areas), casting dock, historical interest, fishing, ice rink, picnic area, picnic shelter (4), playground equipment (2 locations)

Reetz Baseball/Softball Complex (5 fields), soccer (2 fields), tennis/pickleball (5 courts), volleyball (4 courts, outdoor)