Lee Oshkosh Beer
Lee Reiherzer

Lee Reiherzer has been writing about the beer and brewing history of Oshkosh since 2010 when he launched the Oshkosh Beer website. He’s the author of two books about Oshkosh-area brewing history, and covers the local beer scene for the Oshkosh Herald newspaper.

Beer of the Moment: Driving Miss Hazy

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since Oshkosh’s Fox River Brewing Company released its first Hazy IPA. At the time, the style was just starting to make headway in Wisconsin. What was novel then is ubiquitous now. There’s been a lot of Hazy brewed by Fox River since 2018, but their…

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Beer of the Moment: Bare Bones’ Buster

Beer and community are inseparable in Oshkosh. It's been this way since our first breweries were launched in 1849. There's a beer named Buster that just went on tap at Bare Bone Brewery that typifies the sense of community that tends to form around beer here. Buster is a rustic ale taken in a…

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Beer of the Moment: Fifth Ward’s Pibber Jibber

We’re serious about our beer in Oshkosh, but that doesn't mean the brewers here are above having some fun with it. Case in point: Pibber Jibber, which was just released by Fifth Ward Brewing Company at 1009 S. Main Street in Oshkosh. Pibber Jibber is a 6% ABV ale brewed with peanuts, graham…

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