OSHKOSH - When Amy Albright, Executive Director of Discover Oshkosh, was looking for a new brand ambassador to promote Oshkosh, she didn’t have to travel far.

In January 2023,  a familiar face walked through her office door, hoping to reconnect, and Albright knew she had found the perfect match.

Patrick Tracey, a tourism and travel industry veteran and self-described “travel brand evangelist,” had recently retired and was eager to embark on his next adventure.

“I love Oshkosh; a few of my friends have referred to me as the Oshkosh ambassador, so when Amy suggested we make it official with a video series, I was stoked!” said Tracey.

Tracey is a 30-year resident of Oshkosh but never had the time to explore all the city had to offer because he was too busy working full-time and raising his two children with his wife, Dawn.

The video series “Why I Love Oshkosh” presents Tracey as “the travel guide you never knew you needed,” inviting viewers to join him in uncovering unique experiences and off-the-beaten-path recommendations.

In one of Tracey’s early videos, he visits his favorite store, the historic Kitz & Pfeil Ace Hardware, and, through a series of puns and one-liners, gives his audience a local perspective on why they should visit. He claims he “rebuilt his entire house with things bought in this store.”

Other videos include Tracey attempting a half-time shooting contest live during a Wisconsin Herd Game, playing Ghostbusters in The Grand Opera House, learning how to Slow Roll, and throwing clay at The Fire Escape.

“Our goal from the beginning was to highlight all the interesting places and people behind what makes us so special. We envisioned a series that would be entertaining, perhaps a bit quirky, but would ultimately inspire people to get out and discover all Oshkosh has to offer,” Albright said.

Online audiences have embraced Tracey and his Oshkosh adventures, and with each new video released, Discover Oshkosh experiences strong engagement, with fans now requesting new destinations for Tracey to visit.

Tracey commented, “I knew it was taking off when people I didn’t know started to come up to me and tell me how much they loved the show.” Albright agrees and knows there is no shortage of great adventures for Tracey to uncover.

 “I pinch myself every day. This is an amazing gig!” said Tracey.

Join Patrick Tracey on his journey to uncover the charm and excitement of Oshkosh by visiting the series at Why I Love Oshkosh at DiscoverOshkosh.com or follow along on Facebook.

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